Tall Grass - Kansas Hydrographics

Tall Grass

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Hydro dip your hunting gear in Tall Grass to blend in to dry, barren settings.  Nestle right into the tall dry grass and watch your rifle disappear among the blended surroundings! This particular water transfer film is 80 CM wide with a narrow pattern, thus giving small and large parts alike equal opportunity for processing.  Guns, ammo boxes, coolers, duck calls, and other camo gear all pair well with this pattern!  For best results, use with a DTP Biscuit or Medium Tan base coat. Check out the video below for a comparison of base coat colors beneath this print.

Ensure durability in your hydrographics project with a quality clear coat that protects against harsh hunting elements! For this pattern, we recommend little to no sheen.  Try our 2K High Solids Flat Clear or 2K High Solids Soft Touch Clear for a long lasting finish.

Hydrographic Film Width: 80 CM

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