Teal Marble

Teal Marble

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Looking for a unique colored marble pattern without the need for a special base coat color? Teal Marble is the answer! Dazzled in true marble patterns, this hydro dipping film includes a teal blue ink along with a grey/monotone contrast color.  The exquisite hue truly "pops" as it contains absolutely zero transparency. With such minimal amount of dark ink, this water transfer print is very forgiving!

Bathroom fixtures, interior vehicle trim pieces, jewelry boxes, kitchen glassware, and countless other pieces can be easily transformed from boring to brilliant after a quick dip in Teal Marble! For size referencing, check out the product video to ensure this pattern size is compatible with any potential project. To ensure optimum appearance, a white base coat is highly recommended. Finish off with a quality gloss clear coat, such as our High Solids 2K Gloss Clear, for added depth and durability!

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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