Transparent Roses

Transparent Roses

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No need for a bouquet of flowers when you can spoil that special someone with HUNDREDS of hydro dipped roses! The best part? These flowers are transparent to allow for any base coat color of choice! Is her favorite color purple? Try this on our DTP (direct to plastic) Purple Metallic paint.  More into vibrant colors like neon yellow? Give this a shot on our DTP Neon Yellow Metallic! The options are truly endless to customize this hydro dipping film to suit anyone's special requests.

Countless projects can be dipped in Transparent Roses due to its relatively small pattern size.  Each rose is approximately half dollar sized on the film itself.  When stretched around three dimensional parts, they may stretch a bit larger.  Mugs, beauty appliances, koozies, flower pots, and hand guns are all perfect for a water transfer printing project in this versatile pattern.

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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