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UK Ammo

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Need to hydro dip a relatively small part with plenty of visible surface area? UK Ammo is a perfect match!  This 50 cm wide hydrographics film contains a large ammunition pattern in black ink.  A considerable amount of transparency within each bullet allows for base coat color flexibility.  Going for a less than bold look?  Pair pattern with our DTP Charcoal Metallic paint.  For a fearless appearance, try out DTP Gold Metallic or Cherry Red Metallic underneath! Motorcycle tanks and fenders, ammo boxes, and gun stocks are a perfect fit for this pattern.  Parts with numerous crevices, curves, or texture and substrates smaller than a speed shape are not recommended with this pattern.

Can't decide which activator to use? This pattern and all other water transfer printing film that we carry comes with a compatibility assurance if using our Hydro-Gator or Hydro-Vator activator. 

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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